About Us

Ben Crowe and Carson Chanthyvong

System7 Aerospace specializes in the design & manufacturing of aviation certied cargo securement products. We strive to be the industry leaders and bring both custom and ready-made products to market while building a diverse line of certified aviation products.

System 7 Aerospace Credentials:
-TCCA Manufacturing Authority -Manufacture to TSO Standards
-Engineered and Approved STCs for installs
-Custom Manufacturing
-PDA Parts Replacement Programs -Made to Order Restraints

Co-founder’s Ben Crowe and Carson Chanthyvong bring a forward-thinking approach to product development and market positioning. Carson is the current president of Aerotex Interiors Inc., a Calgary based aviation upholstery company, who utilizes his extensive knowledge and family heritage of 30+ years in the aviation industry and brings their internationally known expertise & reputation to the table. 
Ben Crowe, founder & president of Quarantine Restraints Ltd., has established Quarantine as the industry-leader in cargo securement. The combined expertise of Carson and Ben enables System7 to provide their customers with industry-leading products while keeping stringent safety standards and certifications. 

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